Guide to Shower Pan Liner Installation

Shower pan liner installation isn't just a task for professionals. Although it takes a little work, you can do it easily for less money yourself. Installing a shower pan liner is an extraordinary and viable approach to counteract leaks and water damage in your bathroom. It also keeps your bathroom floor strong, alluring and split free for quite a long time to come. Here is some data about shower pans, shower pan liners, for what reason they're useful, and some accommodating tips for installing them.

What's a Shower Pan?

A shower pan is basically the flooring that you stand on in the shower. The most famous options for a shower pan incorporate tiles and composite flooring. Earthenware tile floors can look incredible in your shower, but they can also pose a ton of housekeeping problems. Since they're not completely waterproof, earthenware tiles are particularly prone to cracks and grouting problems in as little as 5 years.

A composite shower pan, then again, is a 1-piece kind of flooring that is waterproof and resistant to cracks and damage. You can install a composite shower pan regardless of whether you have tiled walls.

What's a Shower Pan Liner?

A shower pan liner is a sheet of sturdy waterproof material that lies in the middle of the shower pan and the subfloor. This subfloor is a layer of concrete or compressed wood that absorbs trickles of water that get through any miniaturized scale holes or cracks in the shower pan. Because they're porous, these layers are particularly prone to water damage. The shower pan liner catches any leaks and trickles to ensure the sub-layer. Because it extends over the shower pan check, the liner also helps to keep your bathroom walls shielded from splashes and leaks.

Types of Shower Pan Liners

Shower pan liners primarily come in 2 kinds of tough, adaptable materials that vibe like elastic. They incorporate Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE). PVC shower pan liners are significantly cheaper, but are stiffer and thus increasingly difficult to install. CPE liners are increasingly adaptable and a lot easier to install, but some may discover them cost-restrictive. If you're thinking about installing a shower pan liner, settle on your choice based on both your budget and how much experience you have in handling these kinds of projects. Shower pan liners can be purchased pre-measured at tool shops and on the web.

The stuff to Install

Shower pan liner installation is a generally simple activity that, contingent upon the case, can be finished in just a couple of hours. The tools required for installing a shower pan liner incorporate pre-measured liner material, conduit tape, a pneumatic nailer, nails, a utility knife, caulk, and water-confirmation adhesive. The activity basically consists of spreading the liner over the surface of the sub-floor, cutting a hole over the drain for water to flow through, and securing the liner to the shower floor.

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